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ITmake | Team – Web create & develop business. We creates a virtual world for people | 2019

Development Services: Website

Website categories

Having studied the needs of the client, its tasks and functionality.

We offer the choice of the desired web platform

1. Online Store
2. Portfolio
3. Landing
4. News block
5. One page
6. Corporate

Web Categoria - ITmake | Team
Web design - ITmake | Team


Development of design services

We create designs of various styles such as:

1. Design creation website and more

2. Corporate identity development

3. Content creation

4. Logo creation

SEO services

SEO promotion and content optimization

We will help promote your web resource using our methods:

1. Search engine optimization

2. External and internal optimization

3. Connection of additional services

Web SEO - ITmake | Team

Support services

Our support team is always ready to help at the right time.

List of help:

1. Technical support

2. Comprehensive administation

3. Online project support

4. Site Managment Course

Web Support | ITmake Team

Who are the ITmake team

About Us

We are the ones who create the true world for people.

We are the ones who create a virtual world for people. We use the latest trends and technologies, on software development.

ITmake team, a developing company and we want to give the world and people all the most advanced technology.

We can make for you, a website of various styles, under the choice and taste of each of our clients. To help in the beginning promotion of the web resource.

We also plan to increase our capabilities in the future, and we will eventually offer much more of our capabilities.

ITmake team: the future IT…

Itmake | team


Brand Book

Brief to fill an order

Our clients as well as partners

ITmake | Team

Our success is the result of our creative style, providing a complete solution for our customers and partners.